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For a while, we had been considering revisiting the main items from our very first release, knowing that the batteries we had charged up needed renewing.

In the first quarter, that was done with the “Heavyweight Hoodie”. And it was only a matter of time before our Spring creations hit the scene.

Redesigning and modernising the T-Shirt to be all-purpose, yet perfectly crafted and suited for every atmosphere was our aim - resulting in the “Signature T-Shirt” in the classic White & White colourways.

We wanted something simple, yet stylish, with almost silent branding - but it is said that silence is the loudest noise...

With our “Two” logo centrally placed on the upper chest & the “2TRUE” Original logo seated on a tag on the lower hem - clearly a little here and there went a long way.


Foreseeing the cold daybreaks and chilly sunsets of Spring, we wanted something to keep us warm and super stylish no matter the time of day. This was the perfect call for the return of the “Signature Zip Hoodie”.

Crafted from a soft, weighted yet breathable Cotton & joined by a stainless steel double ended zip, the “Signature Zip Hoodie” follows our monochromatic colour origins, donning the “TWO” logo & our “2TRUE” Original logo tag on the pocket.

With the “Signature Shorts” joining the team, taking on the “TWO” logo, with zipped side pockets & a back pocket, it pairs with the “Signature Zip Hoodie” as a sweet Spring (& Summer) Set.

Combining both the Signature Tee and the Signature Zip Hoodie & Shorts proves to be a match made in Heaven...


Taking on something entirely new, but highly desired by the 2TRUE Team...

With several tweaks, adjustments, corrections, redesigns & debates, we launched the “Signature Tote Bag”.

An exciting and warmly received item, we loved every step of the design process. It was the perfect close to our Spring Collection.

Summer is around the corner and as you have seen, we have some big things loading! Stay locked in!


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