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TWO x 2T

The “TWO” T-shirt release features a revisit of our box logo on the front of the top alongside the noteworthy addition of the new “TWO” on the back of the T-Shirt. 

2 colourways used for this drop - Royal Blue/White & Black/Blue. The main reason we decided blue should be a prominent element of this design is because it represents the nobility that we pride ourselves on regularly.

“Our work aims to allow realness to transcend in everything we do.”

The "2T Lifestyle" Jumper introduces a new design placed on the back. We used 2 new colourways for this product, Pink/White & Carolina Blue/White.

Originally slated for Spring release, this is a great addition for people looking forward to wearing brighter colours in the Summer.

Avoid missing out on these during the sunny season.

2T LIFESTYLE - “A life of integrity & true enjoyment. It is the acknowledgement of the call for all to be their best person, whilst showing the excellence & truth of each person in every situation.”

2T Lifestyle is our personality – The demonstration of the Truth & the Tenacity to follow through. By living the 2T Lifestyle you are truly successful by positively impacting all with the investment of your personality in them.


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