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2022 - Quarter 1

Riding on the wings of the Coach Jacket and the 2T Lifestyle tracksuit from the Black Friday launches, we entered 2022 the same way we left 2021 - in the Lab.

With a lot of fan favourites and requests, we were deliberating amongst ourselves, whilst going back and forth with Suppliers.

Creating a new Typeface Logo was an idea in the works for a long time, finding the write fonts to make it work, and the right product to display it on was the challenge - Clearly, we made it happen and it works.

Earlier in 2021, we were honest with ourselves - we wanted something stylish. Countless Redesigns, Reshuffles and Reschedules later, we dropped our most comfortable set yet - the “TWOTRUE” Heavyweight Tracksuit & Coach Jacket.


We chose Black and Taupe (Brown) —

Black: a very much appreciated colour, easy for every season and a cornerstone of our earlier releases - matching our original monochromatic colour scheme.

Taupe: an originally frowned upon colour, but the neutral/earthy tone was the perfect match for us. Something we haven’t done before which allowed us to branch out and be much more diverse with our products.

Featuring our new “TWOTRUE” outline logo and our Original “2TRUE” logo on the back of the neck, with ribbed hems on the hoodie and a cuffed hem on the leg.


The release of our Coach Jacket back in November was a beautiful one. We were so

excited to bring it back. The “2”, “2TRUE” and “TWOTRUE” logos re-appear in white with a dark green accent, this is the perfect jacket for the season, waterproof and great for layering.

With the Coach returning in a new Colour, Black, it’s a product we are happy to see. Answering needs for all seasons as a staple in many outfits. This is the perfect jacket for the season, waterproof and great for layering.

*Also restocked in the original Grey.

Keep your eyes open for some sneak peeks on the exciting things coming this Quarter!


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